Telmarc Cable
Offers the following
Telmarc offers a variety of solutions customized for your business requirements. Aside from our
superior Internet services, BizSpeed and Fiber Power plans, we also provide network cabling systems for business premises.
Structured Cabling for call centers, small to medium-size
outsourcing companies, malls, hotels and condominiums with an
emphasis on new construction and corporate relocations
CCTV system installation for surveillance
B2B Internet solutions for shared and leased lines with
wireless access points
CATV & HDTV installation with 60+ cable TV channels, HDTV
and pay-per-view channels
TELMARC MEDIA with video coverage (live and studio), video
editing, ads, commercial airtime and more.
VoIP services with international phone calls at lower rates.
Prepaid Internet with 1-hour, 24-hour and 5-day plans for our
loyal Internet subscribers
Our business systems services are designed to be flexible, and cost-effective for businesses in today's
competitive market. We can provide the latest in technology for small companies with growing needs or
big companies with greater objectives. Telmarc Cable will grow with you as you continue to provide your
customers with that competitive edge.